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Step 1 – Schedule your 1 on 1 coaching call

You will receive a Calendly booking link via email to (re)schedule your call any time. You can also book it here immediately. Make sure to take 3/5 workdays into account if you would like me to read a text in advance and to look at any questions that you can submit at step 2. 

Step 2 – Submit a text and/or questions

Text – For this coaching call you have the possibility to send me a text to read in advance (up to 3000 words). This might help to discuss any questions you have about your story. For example: you can submit a chapter, summary, or notes that you think will be helpful. Please feel free to briefly describe your story idea & genre as well. And let me know if you are writing a novel or screenplay.

Questions – To prepare for our all I advise you to make a list of questions and to select 1-3 that are key to answer. You can submit these key questions in advance, to help you make the most out of our call. 

How to submit? (Optional) – Email your text & questions to:

Step 3 – Keep writing

In the mean time, keep writing! The main goal is to help you make progress on your story and to boost your motivation. A freewriting session can do wonders to discover what your characters still have to stay and what you haven’t explored yet about their world.

Contact – If you have any other questions, please contact me at:


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