Finishing things

Let’s put that flag on that moon! If you ever struggled with finishing things or completing your projects; check these life saving mind hacks.

In this video we’ll talk about how to finish things, so we can achieve our goals & complete our mission. We’ll talk about why it’s so hard to finish things, and why we tend to quit so easily. But more important: what we can do about that! I have a simple 3 step action plan that will help you to become a master in finishing too. These insights really changed the game for me. Big time…

I have some cool examples (at the end) that will help you to get more experience with “the other side of the spectrum”! So you can complete your mission too, and be in charge of your journey (and results) again.

Need my help to complete a project?

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Monthly Q&A

Each month I make a Q&A-video about the journey (for example about the hurdles you are facing around starting, continuing, finishing projects). Let me know what you’re struggling with? I welcome questions from YouTube, social media and Patreon.

Mini series

This video is part of a mini series about achieving your dreams & goals. In the first video we talk about how to get started, in the second about how to keep going, and in today’s video about how to get things done. Here are the quick links to all three videos:


Hi, I am Sam on a Mission, a writer, artist and content creator. I help you go after your dreams and goals, in particular the creative kind. I make motivational videos, and offer coaching & marketing services for fellow creatives who would like to build their journey on the go as well.

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