Monthly Q&A – March 2022

I’m starting a monthly Q&A on YouTube where I take audience questions and turn them into a monthly video jampacked with value. Based on your writing, marketing, business, mindset & productivity questions. Basically anything we might face along the way!

At the moment I still take questions from every angle: Instagram, YouTube and Patreon. I’d like to keep a balance between this to give everyone a chance to ask questions. Obviously you’ll get extra perks on Patreon… ; )

The next Q&A is already in the making. I filmed it today after pulling a few questions out of everyone I know… Haha. Perks of being a new YouTuber ha? And I will upload it tomorrow. Because I made a bonus video in between, for something reaaaaaaally awesome. Worth it. Trust me.

Stay tuned for the next video, and if you are here to check what the Q&A will be about, it will be about writing, mostly about the process behind it. I think it will also appeal to artists and entrepreneurs, given the universal struggles I’ll cover -that I’m dealing with as an entrepreneur and artist (myself) as well.

Coming up!

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