Start your journey today

So you want to start your journey. You got big dreams. But you don’t know where to begin…

Don’t worry, I got you covered! In this video I will give you my (very simple) quick plan that helps you kickstart your journey too. We’ll talk about the 3 steps you could take: that are tied to your why, your strengths and that spark joy! This will most certainly activate you.

Give yourself a slingshot too and make sure to check the many examples in the second half of the video where I’ll give you lots of inspiration for how you could customize this to your situation!

Need a slingshot too?

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Coming up

This video is part of a mini series about achieving your dreams & goals. In the first video (today’s video) we talk about how to get started, in the second video about how to keep going, and in next week’s video we’ll talk about how to get things done. Here are the quick links to the videos.

Monthly Q&A

Each month I make a Q&A-video about the journey (for example about the hurdles you are facing around starting, continuing, finishing projects). Let me know what you’re struggling with? I welcome questions from YouTube, social media and Patreon.


I am Sam on a Mission, a writer, artist and content creator. I help you go after your dreams and goals, in particular the creative kind. I make motivational videos (with skits) and offer 1 on1 support.

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