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Sam on a Mission

Hi, I'm Sam on a Mission. A screenwriter, writing coach, and youtuber. I write novels & screenplays, work in the film industry (on both sides of the camera), and offer feedback services for writers & filmmakers. In my spare time I love making videos about mindset & productivity – to get a grip on all of it. I dare say it's one of the first things you need to master for any creative dream. My mission is to inspire fellow artists to finally chase their dreams, knowing from experience how discouraging it is to be kept from your gift. If I can inspire more people to find the strategies & opportunities I wish I had years ago, then I know I can be of great service to this planet!

Story services

I offer story feedback for authors & filmmakers. You can hire me as a script reader, critique partner or writing coach. I've been writing for 10 years, work in the film industry, and have been teaching creative writing as well. My mission is to inspire writers & filmmakers to achieve their creative dreams. My analytical feedback and personal support will help you to finetune your story. My goal is to help you believe in your own talent, no matter how much work your story might need (trust me, that's normal). Feel free to reach out to me for any questions about my services that I haven't answered below. Or visit my YouTube channel for inspiration.

What kind of stories

I have experience with novels & screenplays. I love genres from historical, thriller, drama, fantasy to science-fiction. For both an adult and YA audience. If you write contemporary or romance you should reach out to me in advance to check if I’m a fit.

Type of feedback

At the moment I mostly provide developmental feedback. Think of me as a critique partner or script reader, but way more in-depth. I like to explain why certain things might need addressing. To help you decide if and how you would like to strengthen your story. I can do a full read through and provide feedback on structural issues, character work, theme and world building. While making notes about anything that feels off or inconsistent.

I’ll pay extra attention to the start of your story, because that’s the part that needs to hook a publisher, producer and your readers. Please note, I am not a line editor, but will point out recurring issues in style & flow. Most writers need several rounds of story feedback anyway (free or paid). I advise you to hire a professional line- and copy editor in the final stage of your revision process. 

I can also provide a story quick check. It’s not always necessary to read the entire manuscript. I can tell a great deal about the potential and quality of your story by reading the first chapters (<10.000 words).

You can also book a video/phone call to talk about your story, writing problems, marketing, or just to finetune your pitch. 


I charge around $0.01/word for story feedback, starting at $100, VAT excluded. Depending on the size of your project I can create a package price instead. If you book a quick check first to test if I’m a good fit, I will deduct this from your manuscript check if you upgrade next.

What if this is too much? I would love to help writers & filmmakers where I can. Please suggest something that might be interesting for the both of us. Let me know your total budget, sponsor me on Patreon, or suggest another cool trade off. Please note: paid work gets priority access, so it might take longer before I respond. 

Choose your level of support:
Story feedback

<100.000 words

+ Full read through

+ Feedback & story analysis

The Quick Check

<10.000 words

+ A few chapters

+ Mini story analysis

Video chat / Email coaching

I offer story coaching as well. If you want to talk about your story, writing problems, or about positioning yourself as a writer, then I'd love to help where I can.

Journey support

It's a lot you have to be able to do as a writer-entrepreneur nowadays. I get it… Join the club! The good news is that you don't need all of it at once. I'm building my own creative business on the go as well. If you would like to join my community for journey support, then make sure to visit my Patreon, where you can talk to me directly. Whatever you need: a game plan to start, a slingshot to keep going, or my help to get things done. I'd like to offer help at these 3 stages. As a bonus your donation will help me to keep making mission proof content, so I can help more writers and filmmakers manage their output, courage and creativity. Visit my Patreon for extra bonuses, YouTube credits & online tea. Or keep scrolling to check my blog & YouTube-channel for free motivation.


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