Your Writing Coach

I help you tell your story and simplify the process for more writing joy.

Your Writing Coach

I help you tell your story and simplify the process for more writing joy.

Sam on a Mission

As a writing coach I have several years of coaching experience. I helped many students discover the joy of writing in my courses and consultations. My mission is to help writers & filmmakers who started their journey later in life to finally follow their passion too. I help them tell their story, but mostly to stay motivated on their journey. This combination made all the difference for me and I would love to help more writers to enjoy their journey too.

I write novels & screenplays in genres such as historical, thriller and science fiction. I’m active in the film industry on both sides of the camera. I trained at The Writers Academy and Film Actors Academy in Amsterdam, and also studied Architecture and Art History. This definitely helped me to develop both my analytical and intuitive side as a writer. When helping other writers I can easily switch and take their preferences into account.

In my spare time I make videos about mindset and productivity. New videos will follow soon on my YouTube channel for extra motivation!




  • 2022-23 Writing Coach at Sam on a Mission
  • 2017-22 Writing Teacher at Friesland Schrijft
  • 2020-22 Videographer & YouTuber at Vloghulp
  • 2014-16 Production Assistant (film, TV, short)
  • 2012-20 Actress (film, TV, short, theatre, improv comedy)
  • Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (native)


  • 2022-23 Working 1on1 with Tyler Mowery
  • 2020-21 Film Actors Academy Amsterdam
  • 2020-21 Physical Theatre Groningen
  • 2016-17 Writers Academy in Amsterdam
  • 2006-12 Bachelor Architectural Engineering
  • Courses: Screenwriting, Film Production, Actor’s Studio, Meisner, NL

· Behind The Scenes ·

· Current Projects ·

Historical Novel

I’m currently working on a novel & screenplay in my favorite genre. I just finished draft 2. I’m planning publishing it as a novel and to adapt it into a movie as well. It’s a very personal story as well, so I can’t wait to share this story. To be continued!


Warriors of Stone

For an international project I’m also assisting a director from New York (Salim Khassa). Warrior of Stone is about the dire war situation in Yemen. All proceeds will be donated to the affected children in that region. See IMDB for more information. 

TV-Pilots & Features

To clear my head a little, I always work on at least one side-project. At the moment I’m developing a pilot for a TV-series and I’m working on new novels. I write in several genres: fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and drama. I always have some ideas at hand that I can work on next.

Mindset Blog

It is important to work on your craft. But the biggest difference you can make for your career is to work on your mindset too. I started a mindset blog on YouTube and I’m planning to upload new videos soon. I collected many tips over the years that I hope can help other writers too.


If you would like to know more about my services as a writer & writing coach? Please check the services page for detailed information, or book a free intake call for questions about the coaching program. Contact me below for other questions.