Coaching program

Whether you need feedback, accountability, writing tips, or all of the above; together we will work towards that finish line and help you finally tell your story! 

1 on 1 Coaching program

In this coaching program you will learn how to write & improve a story, and how to solve your story problems. Even better: you’ll discover how to motivate yourself to keep writing. Because that’s one of the hardest things for most writers: just do it! I’m here to help you with that, because my goal is to help you permanently improve your self-confidence. You will learn valuable writing techniques that you can customize and use for your next story as well.

This one year program includes 10 coaching calls in which we discuss the progress of your manuscript or screenplay. You can work at your own pace. There is plenty of room to ask questions in between. You will also get a manuscript check and a custom writing course. As a bonus you’ll get future access to a writing community to find extra readers and motivation.

What you will gain:

  • Confidence in your story idea & journey
  • Improve your craft & process
  • A (re)writing method that is suitable for intuitive writers and plotters
  • A finished story that you can share with readers
  • Free access to future updates (online community & course)

The Program

In this 1 year program we’ll work towards the completion of your story in 3 stages. You’ll receive 10 video calls, a writing course, and a manuscript check. There is room to ask questions in between. You will also get access to a new writing community for extra motivation.

Level 1 – A unique story idea

Preparation phase (3-6 months)

First we’ll discuss the idea and structure of your story. But mainly your motivation for telling this story. We’ll also be looking at: theme, character, story world, plot and form. During this coaching program we’ll adapt the process to your skills, pace and needs.

Level 2 – The writing process

Writing phase (3-6 months)

The actual writing starts in this phase of the journey. Together we’ll determine a few deadlines to give you that dot at the horizon. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions in the motivation & feedback sessions. The goal of this phase is a finished draft.

Level 3 – The Finishing Touches

Rewriting phase (3-6 months)

After completing your story, you will receive a manuscript check with story notes. In a final revision round you can make any needed changes and add the finishing touches. We can also talk about what steps you could take after finishing your story.

Writing community

Writers often work alone, but it can be very motivating to stay in touch with other writers in between. In this program you will also get access to a writing community so that you always have a place to turn to if you are stuck or have questions about your story. You’ll grow faster by learning from other people’s processes too. The new writing community will start in 2024.

Practical Questions


  • 10 Coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes, includes reading and preparation
  • 1 Manuscript check for a novel or screenplay (max. 120,000 words)
  • The ability to ask questions in between (mail/chat/voice clips)
  • Free access to future updates (online community & writing course)
  • Now temporarily €1,995 for the complete coaching program (Value: €2,995)

Price Program:

The coaching program is currently priced at € 1.995,- tax incl. (Jan 2024)

Start Date:

You can start in Jan/Feb 2024. 

Signing Up:

We’ll start with a free intake call to make sure this program is the right fit for you. During this call we can briefly discuss your story idea and main problem. You can also ask practical questions about the program. Feel free to book an intake call or send me an email in advance with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is suited for semi-experienced writers:

  • Who write novels and/or screenplays
  • Who already have a story idea or a first draft
  • Who struggle with writing and finishing their stories
  • Who want to know how they can improve their story and process
  • Who have experience with writing lessons and receiving feedback
  • Who are willing to make time for writing and can work independently

Minimum age: 18 years old.

This program is suitable for fictional stories as listed below. If you’re not sure if your project would be a fit, please send an email for advice.

  • Form: Novel or Screenplay 
  • Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Drama, Historical, Science Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
  • Audience: Adult or Young Adult
  • Language: English or Dutch
  • Length: max. 120.000 words

This coaching program is particularly helpful for the developmental stage of your manuscript. I look at the story structure, characters, theme, story world and format. I also check for logic and readability. But I don’t line edit your manuscript! That is for the follow-up phase (the editor). However, you will receive many tips to improve your prose yourself.

If you’re not sure if this coaching program suits you, it is better to first book a separate coaching session. This will give you a chance to experience what it’s like to receive feedback on your story. You can always switch to the coaching program later. 

This coaching program is mostly suited for writers who have experience with receiving feedback on their stories, and who appreciate a coach to help them reach the finish line. Feel free to book a free intake call to first discuss any questions about the program.

I don’t give refunds, because coaching is a custom service. But there is plenty of room to customize your game plan. I’ll happily help you to get back on track.

Use the contact page or book a free intake call for questions about the coaching program.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss which form of coaching best suits your situation.